Liquid Gold 1

My first ever koi painting. I love painting koi. The colors are so much fun, and I like to think the fish have distinct personalities. Koi patterns are so pretty!

Liquid Gold 1

48" x 24"
oil on canvas
(private collection)

This is a 48" x 24" oil on canvas painting of koi fish swimming in a pond. When I was working at a desk job, the office block where I worked had an area with a small pond with these beautiful koi swimming happily in the water. I have always found the movement of fish in water very peaceful and relaxing. One little fish there was my favorite. He would swim to an overturned pot and perch on it with only his tail in the water to munch on some algae. I have very fond memories of watching that little guy eat his lunch!

Photography Prints

Here's how it would look like against a 7-foot sofa:


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