At the Junction of Earth and Sky

This was painted from a photograph that a family friend took during one of his vacations. I love painting clouds because you can really play around with the shapes and colors. I think the real challenge here was to try and capture how vast was that space between the viewer and the horizon.

At the Junction of Earth and Sky

36" x 48"
oil on canvas
(private collection)

This is a 36" x 48" oil on canvas painting. I have always enjoyed watching clouds, and have also found that painting them is a very satisfying exercise. I was planning to do a cloud painting when a client commissioned me to do a painting of a section of beach where he and his family had just been. The colors in the sky were a striking combination of reds, oranges and yellows against the cool blue-violet of the sky, which made painting this a very enjoyable experience.

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Here's how it would look against a 7-foot sofa:


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