Approaching Shore

Of all the paintings I have done, this one remains my favorite. I took the reference photo for this during the last Christmas party that I attended in my last office job, held at Mactan Island. It was drizzling when I took the photo, but it was also very enjoyable. I love how the surface of the water breaks into different-colored ripples from the reflection of the boat cutting through it.

Approaching Shore

28" x 24"
oil on canvas
(private collection)

This is a 28" x 24" oil on canvas painting. On the last company Christmas beach party before I finally quit my desk job to paint full-time, I snapped a photo of a blue-and-white boat approaching shore. As it came nearer the shoreline, the sunlight was hitting the water at an angle that allowed me to see through the shallow waves to the seabed while reflecting the colors of the boat on the surface of the water. Although this piece has found a home with a private collector, this painting still remains my favorite work.

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Here's how it would look like against a 7-foot sofa:


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